Address: 715 W 23rd St., Suite Q, Austin, Texas 78705(Get Directions)
Phone: n/a
Head Instructor: Frank Benn
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Defense Soap
  • Goretooth

    I have been training at IFA since 2002, and I can not express enough how
    great this place is. With incredibly detailed instruction, personal
    attention given by the instructor, and an atmosphere of mutual growth
    and development amongst the members, you really can’t find a better
    place to learn how to fight. Frank Benn has been training for decades,
    and teaching MMA in Austin for over 20 years! No one else in this city
    can claim that!! With all his knowledge and skill, he designs each class
    to expand and grow off of previous lessons, and not only gives highly
    detailed instruction, but also a ton of personal instruction, and gets
    on the mat with us on a regular basis. Every boxing and grappling class
    finishes with several rounds of sparring, which is where you truly learn
    how to hone your skills.

    That’s where the atmosphere of the class and the quality of our members really shines.
    Highly skilled and veteran members of the Academy with spar with
    newcomers, and work with them to develop their skills, teach them ways
    to improve, and work their way up to the level of a competent fighter.
    Our hard hitters can hit HARD, but there isn’t a single person at IFA
    interested in knocking someone’s block off or dishing out pain. As you
    improve and get better, we’ll start hitting you harder, but you’ll soon
    discover that’s part of the fun. I personally find it interesting how
    the more you like someone, the harder you want to hit them, and get a
    real sense of pride when someone I’ve watched come in knowing nothing
    hits me in the face with a perfectly thrown punch.

    If you
    are looking for a place to train with an instructor who is INCREDIBLY
    knowledgeable, and with a group who is dedicated to making you the best
    you can be for whatever reason you have (to compete, to defend yourself,
    get in shape, or just find out a bit more about yourself), you really
    can’t do better than Frank Benn and IFA Academy.

  • CalebEllinger

    I’ve been training at Integrated Fighting Academy since the beginning of 2013. You won’t find any instructor with as much knowledge of wrestling, BJJ, MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and Judo as Frank Benn. He and his senior students are dedicated to helping each student improve. If you want a place with 10-year-old black belts, look elsewhere. If you want classes that begin with quality instruction and end with full contact sparring, come here.

  • Ting

    Great place to train with a lot of personalized attention. Frank has always been above and beyond what normal MMA/BJJ gyms are willing to teach. He teaches you practical and realistic ways of fighting and defending yourself wherever you are. He also integrates how to transition from standing(boxing/Muay Thai) to grappling(wrestling/jujitsu). He has a lot of experience and always willing to share it.

  • AES

    Frank Benn is the only instructor here, but he makes a point to give everybody individual attention, especially beginners and anyone training to compete. The senior students do a lot to help out beginners, too. As for already-experienced fighters that come in to check out his classes, without fail they are challenged and enlightened by Frank’s decades of experience in both fighting and teaching fighting, though sometimes reluctantly. Realizing your training has holes can be hard on the pride and Frank tends to be a little brusque if somebody is showing attitude. Frank has studied pretty much every martial and weapons art under the sun, learning from the best experts he can find. He has, however, purposefully narrowed the curriculum down to classic boxing, Muy Thai, wrestling, BJJ, judo, and Filipino stick and knife because he’s found these disciplines are most applicable to real world fighting AND that they all blend well with each other. In certain sparring sessions, students flow seamlessly from knife fighting to punching to clenching to throwing knees to grappling on the ground.

    Anyways, if this sounds like a shameless pitch, it’s because it is. I can see how it would be hard for the average joe grappler to understand how effective Frank Benn’s system is, what without belts or the Gracie stamp or a flashy public image. But that’s just the way Frank is. All I can say is bring your Gracie black belt, your kung fu, your taekwondo, your krav maga, anything you’ve got, and spar Frank (he will spar you, too) and see for yourself.

  • Sunny Espinosa

    I’ve attended IFA for about a month now, and have been thoroughly pleased with my experience thus far.

    I’ll preface this by saying this isn’t your run-of-the-mill martial arts academy. Regardless of your experience, the classes will challenge you, and you will learn something new every single day. Frank offers a conditioning class that aids in your performance that I highly recommend taking. You will sweat and you will be sore, but you will be pleased with your results if you stick with it.

    Frank (owner) has been in this business for years, and it shows. There’s never a question that he can’t answer. If you’re looking for personal feedback, he’ll be honest with you, but he’ll deliver it with tact. He genuinely cares about his students’ well being and improvement. Frank has several loyal students that have been with him for years, and are great resources for practice and constructive criticism.

    Remember, you can’t put a price on a good education. Nothing good comes easy, and success is no accident. Bring your towel, a sense of humor, and get ready to work.