Address: 1240 Shreveport-Barksdale hwy, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105(Get Directions)
Phone: (318)-282-5895
Head Instructor: Brian Andrews
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Defense Soap


No matter how good you get, someone else is going to be better than you (unless you are Marcelo Garcia). So don’t get down on yourself… if you are struggling in training, keep at it, the only way that you won’t get better is to not train. Jiu-Jitsu friends are the best when it comes to helping you move… they can all lift heavy stuff and they’ll let you know where the best spot at your new place is to put down some mats! :-)

  • john

    i used to live in keikuk, iowa,and i was traing for amature mma but my instructor didnt really teach a certain style and i would really love to get back in it again.. please get back in touch with me.

  • My name is cornelious colquitt

    I no it that y i work out to gooder